Family and Inheritance Law

The attorneys of our law office regularly handle estate inventories and distribution of inheritance, draft wills and conduct other investigations related to estate law. The assignments often involve tax planning. The attorneys can also help with cases of disputed distribution of inheritance. Estate law assignments account for a significant portion of our attorneys’ work.

With disputes concerning the discontinuing of cohabitation it is important to consult a good attorney on time. Our attorneys aim primarily at an amicable settlement, because it is the fastest and least expensive, but if it is not possible, we will apply for an executor to perform the distribution of assets and assist in presenting demands concerning the distribution of assets at estate distribution meetings. If the outcome of the distribution of assets is not reasonable or in accordance with the law, we will handle the avoidance litigation. Naturally we also draft pre-nuptial agreements in case of divorce.

Disagreements related to the guardianship and habitation of children as well as visiting rights and maintenance support cannot always be avoided. Then it is important that you have beside you an attorney who knows the legal processes and practices and sees to it that justice is done. Our attorneys also handle disputes concerning child law.

Family and Inheritance Law

  • Estate inventories
  • Distribution of inheritance
  • Last will and testament
  • Action for avoidance of will
  • Deeds of gift
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Discontinuation of cohabitation and divorce
  • Distribution and partition of matrimonial assets
  • Guardianship and habitation of children, visiting rights
  • Maintenance support matters


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