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The focus of Pontus Lindberg & Co Attorneys at Law lies in business and family law. In addition to legal expertise, our law office possesses strong know-how in business economics, which allows our attorneys to act as your reliable partner at all stages of business operations. Our typical assignments include general legal consultation, collection of disputed receivables, drafting of various documents, change of company form, employment matters, and matters related to contracts and compensatory damage.

Pontus Lindberg & Co Attorneys at Law also provides private individuals with all necessary legal services and consultation in the fields of family, inheritance and property law. Our attorneys take care of the necessary inquiries, drafting of documents, contractual negotiations, drafting of wills, distribution of inheritance, litigations, divorce cases, distribution of matrimonial assets etc., including everything that is required for comprehensive and successful completion of your assignment.

Legal services in three languages

We serve our customers in english, finnish and swedish. Pontus Lindberg & Co Attorneys at Law is a member of the Finnish Bar Association. The Bar accepts as its members lawyers with sufficient work experience in the field of law who have passed an examination in professional ethics and in the special regulations relating to attorneys-at-law (Bar Examination of the Finnish Bar Association), and who are suitable for practising the profession of an attorney-at-law pursuant to the Attorneys-at-law Act and the rules of the Finnish Bar Association and by their personal qualities. Our law office has a compulsory liability insurance that protects our clients.

Our fees comply with the general grounds for legal fees of the Finnish Bar Association, according to which the legal fee for attorney is determined by the amount and quality of the work required. We will always review whether you are entitled to receive legal expenses insurance coverage, in which case the insurance policy may cover the expenses of a legal dispute exceeding the deductible.

Private individuals

Labour law

  • Employment contracts
  • Proceedings for termination of employment
  • Transfer of business and co-operation negotiations
  • Competition prohibition and competing operations
  • Competition prohibition and competing operations

Compensatory damages

  • Property damage and personal injury
  • Treatment injury
  • Liability damage caused to a third party

Contractual negotiations and litigations

  • Contracts, contractual negotiations and contractual disputes
  • Litigations in civil cases
  • Application matters
  • Conciliation and settlement proceedings
  • Collection of receivables
  • Criminal matters

Housing and property deals, real property

  • Deeds of sale of real estate and shares in housing corporations
  • Dissolutions of sale and demands for price reduction
  • Construction and contracting disputes
  • Matters related to housing corporation law
  • Rent law
  • Abstracts of title and mortgages

Criminal cases

  • Assisting complainant in preliminary investigation and in court
  • Assisting defendant

Family and inheritance law

  • Estate inventories
  • Distribution of inheritance
  • Last will and testament
  • Action for avoidance of will
  • Deeds of gift
  • Pre-nuptial agreements
  • Discontinuation of cohabitation and divorce
  • Distribution and partition of matrimonial assets

Business clients

Business law

  • Founding a company or business
  • Reorganisation of business operations
  • Change of company form
  • Business law consultation
  • Company’s employment matters
  • Taxation issues
  • Bankruptcy proceedings and business restructuring
  • Maritime law

Contractual negotiations and litigations

  • Contracts, contractual negotiations and contractual disputes
  • Litigations in civil cases
  • Domestic and international arbitration proceedings
  • Conciliation and settlement proceedings
  • Collection of receivables
  • Financial crimes

International Matters

Our law office has been a member of LEInternational since 1997. LEInternational consists of independent law firms mainly in Europe, but also elsewhere, employing approximately 900 attorneys worldwide.

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